Photographing women has always been a love of mine.  I love being able to work one on one and really focus in one just her.  Her beauty, her strength.  No matter who she is outside of her session, for a little while, it’s all about her, and making her feel like her best self.

Often I spend a lot of time prior to a session looking for that perfect location with a beautiful landscape or backdrop.  So I tried something new for me, set up the studio space, and stripped it down.  No landscape to look at.  It’s all about her.

I cannot wait to start using this studio space more!! If you would like more information at all, leave a comment or contact me, because I would absolutely love to shoot these portraits more!!

This whole family absolutely glowed and radiated happiness from the moment we met up at the location right until we finished, even despite the brisk winter weather we were having.  Luckily, the weather warmed up a bit from the seriously cold snap we had, so we weren’t completely frozen.  Taking a few warm up breaks while doing a couple wardrobe changes her her, and we were good to go!

I think this Dad-To-Be gets the award for being the most into a photo session EVER!  He was quick with a smile, quick with a few suggestions, and had SO many compliments and nice things to say about everyone.  I STILL can’t believe that he was good with taking off his shirt outside to get a couple shots that she REALLY wanted, talk about a an easy going guy!!

Coming up this winter is this couple’s 10th wedding anniversary.  Yes, 10th!!

10 years married, 2 kids, and so many countless memories and moments that have led up to this celebration for them.  We had been talking about and planning this session for so long, I can’t even remember how long… honestly, since I became a photographer!!

He picked out this location for us, tucked way back to where the river meets his family’s land.  As soon as they sent me the photo asking if this location would work, I couldn’t have been more excited!  Once we got there, options were endless, and I could have kept them out there forever finding different things, but once we were done, we let him off the hook and take a break to go fishing!

The beautiful bouquet and headpiece are from SEEDS Flower Shop, in Pincher Creek, Alberta.

If I could, I’d be shooting in this area ALL THE TIME!! I cannot get enough of the mountains in the horizon! (Must be the Prairie girl in me that just completely enamored)

It was gorgeous September day, no wind, rain, or any other weather hiccups that we usually end up having when we have a session scheduled.

If you like this session, keep your eyes on the blog in the next couple of days for another session featuring this couple!! I am SO SO SO excited to be sharing it on the blog, as it has been a session that has been in the works for quite some time!

The afternoon of their engagement session, we debated if we should move it indoors, or possibly reschedule, as it was pretty drizzly and rainy.  We ended up deciding to take our chances with the weather, of course, they didn’t have full on rain until I got there!  I brought the rain and cold with me, it seems, but that just gave them more excuses to cuddle in close!

They asked if I would mind coming out to her family’s property where they are planning to use as their ceremony location, and I jumped at the idea!  It’s a beautiful yard, while we didn’t explore too much and tried to keep a bit more sheltered from the rain and wind, I am so excited to explore all these different locations next summer at their wedding.

I met this family on a cool Sunday afternoon.  As I drove to meet them at our location, the first snowflakes of the year were making a sneaky appearance.  Hard to believe, as just a week after this session, we are back to highs of almost 20 degrees.  I know it won’t last too much longer, but I’m going to try and enjoy this mild weather for a bit longer!

This family was so friendly and easy to chat with while we got to know each other and walk around the park to a couple of different spots, especially their little girl, who chattered away in that sweet little chatter that only little ones can do.  She was a total trooper, not seeming to mind the coolness at all, and took every opportunity she could when she was on the ground to start crawling!

We have been having such beautiful fall weather so far this year, that has been so perfect for getting out and taking photos!  This year clients have been quick to suggest locations that mean something to them and their families.  This family asked if we could go to the dog park where they like to go out and spend hours upon hours walking around and exploring.  We went for a nice walk through the park to a fairly quiet and off the beaten path area, and were able have a fun and very relaxed session.

Our session was filled with chatting about kids activities, asking the kids what their favorite snacks are, what they are going to be for Halloween this year, and lots of high-fives from the littlest one!

I love catching up with past clients. and was so excited to get the chance to photograph this family again, as I had done a newborn session with them when their little girl was first born.  It really doesn’t seem that long ago that she was a sleepy little newborn, and now she’s already a busy toddler running around!

My baby sister just turned 22 at the beginning of July!! We celebrated like we have done for the past handful of years, with a session with her and her boyfriend!

I think I reminisced about this last year, but it’s been so nice to be able to connect with her more than just being my little sister, and become great friends.  We text each other almost every day about work, family, little crafty projects, and just whatever mundane things we might feel like sharing.  She’s slowly been getting me to use Snapchat more, which can be super fun, especially when my (almost) 3 year old loves all the goofy filters rotating through.

We started off the evening taking their dog a park near their house, which Marley was more than happy (seriously.. so happy!) to give me a couple grins, but he really made me work sometimes to get him to look my way instead of every other which way.  After we finished with Marley’s part of the evening, we moved on to find some river views to focus on just Holly & Colton as a couple.

I was watching the weather so closely leading up to this session, as Brianna’s grad session was scheduled just a short while prior to her graduation ceremonies!  It kept threatening rain, but as luck would have it, we had beautiful rain-free skies!  (Should I jinx myself and note that I have been getting lucky with just missing rain lately!?!? No, I really shouldn’t!!)

You could feel just how much fun this whole family has together, as the siblings settled into hugs easily, joked around and squished each other’s faces, especially the girls gently teasing and ganging up on their little brother.  Although they told me their dad had some ‘good’ jokes, I caught him off guard and he couldn’t come up with one on the spot…. so I told them my lamest joke ever….. seriously, at your next session, ask me to tell you this joke… it’s so lame.  Especially if I bring out the sing-songy-ness that it requires to even be mildly worth awkward laughter.

Brianna chose such an amazing dress, which fit her perfectly, and I absolutely love the color on her!  I heard that she had a few different dresses to choose from leading up to grad day, and I am so happy she chose this one!  She is a gorgeous young woman who is heading off to college in the fall, and I’m sure will be heading down exciting paths!  Congratulations!!

Leave a comment with what your favorite/best memory of your high school grad was!!  Mine was taking a pause and posing right before walking down the aisle to get my diploma… for some reason, that is the most vivid memory of that day!

The best way to describe this family is FREAKING AWESOME!  Dawn and I met in college, and have been great friends ever since.  She’s my go-to person to call for advice for diaper rashes, and so many other things that I have asked her about in the unchartered territory that comes with parenthood!  It was really special to me to be able to take them all out and do Hanna Rae’s grad, as well as some family photos for them.

The weather that day was threatening rain most of the day, but held off until we finished up, and the started coming down just as I was driving out of town.

During grad sessions, I love learning what they are planning to do after graduation, and hearing the excitement in their voices as they talk about their plans and goals is so incredibly infectious, and Hanna Rae’s plans sounds exciting as she’s planning to head out and study art.  I can’t wait to see where her journey’s take her!


In May I made my annual trip to Alberta to celebrate my cousin’s little girl’s birthday.  Only now, she’s not so little, she’s so tall, and just turned 9 years old!  Every year while I’m visiting we make sure to go out and do a family session.

This year we had beautifully hot summer weather the whole time I was there!  We spent so much time outside enjoying the weather and letting all the kids play and go crazy.  Skipped naps, late bedtimes, and lots of special birthday treats and snacks were had by all of us!

It took us a while to pin down a location to go for their family photos, but after a lot of ideas were thrown out, we landed on a location close to the river, in the back of one of their fields.  It was a bit of a bumpy drive in, but so worth it, as we were greeted by the horses.  A couple of the horses living there now had been our grandparent’s, one has literally been around for as long as I can remember – I associate this horse completely with my grandpa and growing up visiting them at the farm, and going for horseback rides around the farmyard.

My cousin and I are a lot more like sisters than anything, and it’s amazing to get to photograph her family and watch the kids change and grow so much over every year, and even to watch the relationship between her and her husband evolve over the time they have been together.  Next year will bring their 10th wedding anniversary, and we already are planning a fun session to commemorate it – and I cannot wait!

What do you give a 17 year old girl for her birthday?  These parents had a seriously brilliant plan to plan a dressy dinner date for their daughter and some of her closest friends.  So, they started planning it out, and along the way, decided to throw in a couple suprises!

They called up a local limo company in town, and booked a car to pick the girls up, go to the Cactus Club for supper, and then bring them home.

Having a photographer there was a suprise, which was so fun for me!  All the girls were looking great in their cocktail dresses, and ready to celebrate their friend’s 17th birthday.

We got to take portraits with Nicole and her parents (which as we were talking they realized it had been quite a while since their last professional family portrait) as well as I got to have a few minutes alone with the beautiful birthday girl and focus on her.

After we were done with group photos, there were a couple more suprises!  We had our own little The Bachelor moment, as Nicole gave each of her friends a flower (from one of her friend’s parent’s flower shops!) and then it was off to dinner!

So… This is how the girl’s reacted when Nicole’s dad told them that as another surprise, he lined them all up blind dates for dinner too!!  (Of course, he was kidding!! But he definitely got the reaction he was looking for from the girls!)

Once again Nicole, Happy 17th Birthday!! You are a beautiful, confident, and very friendly young woman!

I am lucky enough to call this lady one of my best friends from high school.  While life has gotten a little crazy over the last few years and we don’t see eachother as much as we once did, she’s one of those perfect people in your life that it never feels like any time has past when we do get the chance to catch up.

Kaylee called me up one evening with the idea that she wanted to do a session in this gorgeous red dress that she wore to a wedding a while back, and I immediately said YES!!  For one, I hadn’t photographed her since I was in photography school, and was working on a 35 mm film project that she modeled for, and for another thing, I wanted to get out visit with her while taking beautiful photographs of her in a dress that makes her feel like the stunner that she is.

I brainstormed a few location ideas, and since Kaylee was up for an adventure, we went out to a location I hadn’t been at before, and has an amazing view of the river!

Doing these glamour/lifestyle sessions is one of my most favorite genres to shoot, as I can get creative and work with amazing women and showcase their confidence and beauty.

I’d love to hear what you think of these images, if you’d like to leave a comment!

And if you’d like to book your own session, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Last week I did something a bit different, and ran a photo booth at a high school Winter Formal banquet and dance.  The senior class put this event together to celebrate being done with their finals, and planned out a whole evening of awards, food, and dancing.

They decided on a Hollywood theme, and did a great job of planning out the details.

Everyone walked in on a red carpet, greeted by the flash of a group of paparazzi’s cameras (a great group of parent volunteers dressed up like press). Then they strutted over to the red carpet photo op area where I was set up, and had a blast coming through with all their different groups and striking their poses!

Their decor was perfect for a Hollywood theme, with popcorn in the centerpieces, black, silver and gold balloons, and a popcorn and candy bar.  These seniors, and their parent volunteer committee really worked hard to put together a fun evening for the class to kick off their final semester in high school, and I was thrilled to be able to be a part of the evening.

Listening to their awards that they gave out to each other was pretty hilarious, and the class made all the trophies that were given out.  These were fun little awards, such as ‘Best Rig’, ‘Worst Driver’, ‘Best Smile’, and ‘Most Likely to Become a Rocket Scientist’.

Thanks so much for the fun evening you guys, and cheers to a fantastic last semester of high school!! I hope I get to see some more of you around graduation time!


Little Miss C made her entrance in the middle of the holiday hustle and bustle, as the perfect pre-Christmas gift for her family.

Her big brother wanted nothing to do with the camera during the session, which when you’re a toddler is always a possibility, and while we do the best we can to get everyone in the photos and smiling, sometimes it just doesn’t happen, and that’s ok too.  Toddler’s call the shots, and that’s just the way it is!

Although he didn’t want to sit in the photos, he quickly grabbed his little camera, and started clicking away and being one of the best assistants I have ever had!!  Once he is bigger than my camera bag, he may just have himself a job! 😉

This sweet little girl only slept for about 5 minutes, and otherwise wanted to be involved in what was going on, which isn’t hard to imagine when you have a big brother running around.


I am lucky enough to call this lovely lady one of my first mom friends I made after my daughter was born (seriously, if you are expecting, check out the different group classes Mommy Connections offers!), and now I was lucky enough to be able to photograph her as she was waiting to welcome their second little miracle into their family!  It has been so amazing to be able to have a group of friends that our kids are all within a couple months of each other, so we are all going through the same stages together.

She was game to try on a couple options that I keep on hand for my maternity clients to dress up in, because every woman should feel gorgeous, elegant, and sexy when they are pregnant.  I am so so so glad she did, as that bump of hers was perfect, and she looks stunning in everything she wears, but WOW does she ever ROCK that lace dress!!!

Leave a comment with which gown is your favorite, the full length tutu or the lace!  If you would like to book your own session to wear one of these gowns, please contact me!

martensville saskatchewan maternity session

martensville saskatchewan maternity session

martensville saskatchewan maternity session

martensville saskatchewan maternity session

martensville saskatchewan maternity session

And OMG, this black and white version may just be one of my most favorites EVER!

martensville saskatchewan maternity session

I had the pleasure of working with the S Family a few weeks ago.  This was the first really cold weekend since our unusually warm start to November, and that wind chilled us all to the bone!

So what do you do when the wind is biting cold?  You make your families hug and snuggle up!  They were all so outgoing and fun to photograph, and I love the location we chose!  I love Saskatoon’s river views.

Such gorgeous smiles with everyone, and you can tell they really have fun when they are all together.  We were chatting about games they like to play when they all get together, and of course, I can’t remember what it’s called, but they left me just dying to play it!!

s familys familys familys familys familys familys familys familys familys familys familys familys familys familys familys familys family

This lovely group of ladies contacted me about getting some fresh new images for to display on the company website, and I am so glad they did!  This is a great company, and if you are looking for someone to give you a break and clean your home to a sparkle, you should definitely be calling Pure Zen Cleaning!  Elissa and her whole team are more like a big family than coworkers, and it really showed in the way they interacted with each other throughout our time together, lots of jokes, and good natured teasing.

While it was mid November at the time of their session, there was no snow in sight, but that wind was BRISK!! Everyone was so easy going with the chilly day, and we got some great images for them to promote their amazing staff!

I love working with Elissa (I did headshots for her a few years ago, as well as engagement photos earlier this year!) and what an awesome surprise when I got to the park we were shooting at, and saw a couple more girls that I used to work with are also working with Pure Zen!  We got to quickly catch up while shooting and hear what’s been going on in each other’s lives over the last few years (seriously, where did the time go?!)


One more little plug for Pure Zen, they do not use harsh chemical cleaners, and opt for more natural but yet very effective options (and I can’t remember which one I smelled, but they smell great!)

Is there anything better than the kick off to the holiday season?!?! Everyone is excited, and not yet overwhelmed with the details and lists that they are trying to get done before Christmas Eve, and it’s just pure excitement for holidays to arrive!  (or is this just me? It can’t be, right?!)

Anyways, this time of year most groups are also rolling out their fundraising campaigns in full force.  Langham Skate Park Campaign approached me about working with them to host a photo booth with Santa Claus to help them raise funds for their plans to build a skate park for the community.  I was thrilled that the date worked, and I could help them!  I grew up in Dalmeny, but went to high school in Langham, so I was really excited to be able to help out my second home town with this project.  Langham is a small town, and having more recreational options for the kids to use would be so great!

I got to meet a bunch of super cute kids, and heard some great gift requests they had for Santa (quad…Barbies… ROOSTERS!)  Yes, not chickens, he had enough chickens, what this little guy needed was a Rooster!  Adorable.

We saw some kids who were like Santa’s best friend and chatted his ear off (and Santa listened carefully to every words kids, so he’s got that list memorized!) and of course, a few littler ones that were more nervous around jolly old guy – but you better believe this day was an overload of cute!!


I had the pleasure of photographing this family again earlier this fall, and my goodness did those two kids ever grow fast!!

So lively and ready to have a good time, they were off and running, and we just chased them around and got them to sit for a moment when they were ready.

I think we struck a great balance of fun and family with their session, and got some great images for them to remember this lively age!

dalmeny family photos dalmeny family photos1 dalmeny family photos2dalmeny family photos3dalmeny family photos4dalmeny family photos6dalmeny family photos7

I got to work with this gorgeous lady this past weekend as she needed a fresh new headshot for her job.  Small world that she knows one of my instructors from college, and that’s how she came to contact me!

We had specific guidelines to follow for company policy, and I had so much fun busting out the studio lights and backdrop!  She was so welcoming when I got to her house, and even her dog wanted to help set up!

Good luck with the new job Madison, I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes you, and I may just need to come by and get my nails done sometime!

Saskatoon Headshot Photography - Madison

This past weekend I had a table at the Christmas Marketplace in Dalmeny.  It was a great day of meeting and chatting with people that came out to take a look at some amazing crafters, home based businesses, and bakers.  I even had a chance to take a look around and pick up a couple things I had my eye on! (Although, I ran out of time to run back and grab a couple items I was hoping to pick up!)

This was my first time hosting a table at this type of event, and I have to say I loved being able to showcase some of my favorite pieces of art I have created for clients, and see people’s reactions.

Here’s a quick cell phone shot of what my display looked like:


I am often asked from clients, friends and family, where is the best place to have their portraits printed.  I do offer prints and products for my clients to purchase, but as I do include a USB with personal printing releases for my clients, it’s important to make sure you choose your photo lab carefully.

So I decided to order a test print from assorted labs around Saskatoon, and then also from the professional lab that I order my products from, and then compare it against the digital file I have to see which lab offered the best quality.  I really was surprised by the results… and if I’m being honest, not in a good way.  I was really disappointed.

This affirmed to me that it is really REALLY important to choose a good lab to have your photos printed.  These are your prints!!  These will be in your family albums, hanging up in your home, or even gifted out to family and friends…. you want them to look their absolute best.

Here is the original file (now, this may vary on different computer screens, my monitor is calibrated):

alyssa maternity

And here is the test prints that I got back:

(I scanned the actual prints to create the collage in this post, so there is a bit of extra distortion, but you can really get a sense of the variations between all the labs.  I do have the prints in my office, and can always have them on hand during a consultation if you would like to take a closer look for yourself)


 1) London Drugs:  I was really disappointed with what I got back from here…. you can see the lines from the printer…. honestly, I fell like this turned out worse than if I just printed it off on my own inkjet printer.  The contrast is too high, and saturation is up, and definitely darker than the original.

2) WalMart: Saturation is up, and the whole image is soft and unfocused.  I only ordered the one print, but I have also heard that each photo kiosk can vary greatly.

3) Costco: Contrast is up, the whole image is darker, and the yellows are too prominent.

4) Shopper’s:  The contrast is much lower compared to the other labs.  The image turn out very nice and sharp though.

5) Don’s Photo: Very happy with how this one turned out, as I do always recommend my clients print their photos there, and print most of my own personal prints through them as well.  Comparing Don’s Photo to the pro lab image is VERY similar, the only difference I would mention is it is a little cooler in the color tones.  (You can order online as well!)

6) Pro Lab:  This is the company I use regularly when clients are ordering prints and other products through me.  This one is definitely the closest match to what I see on my monitor, so I am confident when ordering through them that the quality is going to be great.

I hope this helps you when choosing a lab to order your prints through, and to get the best quality that you can for your family’s prints!

I’d love to hear what you think, if you’d like to leave a comment!!

This family had the winning bid on a gift voucher I had donated to a fundraiser for Dalmeny’s Spray and Play project, and I am so glad they did!  Their session was so fun, very easy going, and they are SO photogenic!  We had wonderfully warm weather that day (as we are currently experiencing our first snow of the year today, I am really missing the warmer weather!) and everyone’s moods seemed to match the weather, sunny!

This whole family was so quick with smiles, and they seemed to really enjoy the process of having their portraits taken, and had different suggestions and ideas they would like to try.  I am so glad we did their session when we did, as just a week later this park had NO LEAVES left on the trees!


If you’re anything like me, I can go through absolutely every single piece of clothing in my closet before going out just on a daily basis.  Throw in trying to choose outfits for a photo session, and that gets even more crazy! So, hopefully to help you narrow down your search through your closet before your session, I have put this post together!

  1. Co-ordinate….. Don’t Match.  You know those cheesy family photos we all have seen floating around the internet?  You know the ones, everyone wearing matching sweat suits, windbreakers, or even just everyone wearing the same colored shirt and jeans?  That doesn’t showcase each individual, that’s a uniform.  You want everyone to be comfortable with the photos, so don’t make them wear something they will be uncomfortable in.  You can easily choose a color palette or scheme that everyone can find something they like to wear.
  2. Be Aware Patterns and Prints.  This goes hand in hand with the color scheme, pattern is OK, just lay everything out together before getting everyone dressed, and make sure they all play well together!
  3. Avoid logos and printed shirts!  You want people’s eyes to be drawn to you and your loved ones, not a logo or graphic.
  4. Be Careful of Trends.  Now, this one is totally subjective, and up to you, but just be aware if you choose a overly trendy outfit.  If your goal is to have a more timeless portrait, a really trendy outfit may not age the best over time.  (Remember those windbreakers and sweat suits again!)
  5. Have fun! These are just some quick guidelines, to hopefully help you narrow down and pull together your (or your family’s) outfit choices.  If you need any help at all, I always offer a clothing consultation to my client’s before their session (by phone or email-whichever would you prefer.  Email works great since you can send snapshots of what you are thinking of)Untitled-2But, when you’re repping your favorite team, matching is awesome! You can always bring your fav jersey (or whatever it might be) and do a quick clothing change as well.

It has been a rainy period here over the last week (as I’m writing this evening I heard we are supposed to have another thunderstorm tonight!)  I love rain, but it’s been making for a bit of shuffling schedules, a lot of indoor activities, and even more mosquitoes.  These little pests made their presence known during this session, but this gorgeous mama-to-be didn’t seem to mind them too much, which I am so grateful for, because we created some beautiful images!

We are lucky enough to live in the same town, with lots of fields, back roads, and farmland around that make for pretty locations.  Alyssa and I actually went to school together, and it was really nice to catch up a little and talk about what we have been up to over the past few years.

Alyssa and her husband are waiting to meet their little one in the next few weeks, and I am so excited for them!  We chatted a little of birth plans and names, and a bunch of other things that moms and moms-to-be, and I’m looking forward to hearing whether baby is a girl or a boy, and which name they decided on!

alyssa maternityalyssa maternity 1alyssa maternity 2alyssa maternity 3alyssa maternity 4alyssa maternity 5alyssa maternity 6alyssa maternity 7alyssa maternity 8alyssa maternity 9alyssa maternity 10

alyssa maternity 11

The white lace dress featured in this session is a dress I actually have bought for maternity clients to use if they would like a feminine and pretty dress without having to purchase one themselves!  If you would like to book your session and wear this pretty dress, please fill out the contact form!

This sweet munchkin made us work so hard for her to sleep, she was just so curious as to what we were doing around her, but she was so sweet, and not fussy.  But boy, does this girl have a good appetite!

This session was a bit different from what I normally aim for in my newborn sessions,  which is usually very lifestyle and casual with the rest of the family.  This time I worked just the baby throughout the session, and used a bit more for blankets, wraps, and headbands, including a super sweet little tutu and princess crown that Mom wanted to include.  It’s always fun to include something that the parents have that is special to them.





Checking the weather forecast in the week leading up to this wedding, it seemed to keep calling for more and more rain.  I was getting a little nervous, only because I had never had a wedding out in Spiritwood before, and didn’t have first hand knowledge of any of their locations (indoors or out).

We had chatted about different location ideas, and rainy day plans (one of the best mottos I have ever heard, thanks to my growing up with a Beaver/Cub/Scout leader for a dad, is BE PREPARED)  They had some great ideas for different locations, and even shared a couple photos they had quickly snapped on a trip to the town before the wedding. A couple quick phone calls in the days leading up to the big day also secured us an indoor location in the event we needed it.

And we lucked out, it was a little drizzly, but only needed to wait out a quick shower before continuing on with their photos!

This was a wedding that brings tears to your eyes, you could see how much love every single person in attendance has for this couple.  Everyone was so incredibly welcoming and willing to help.  One of the MC’s for the reception had even called me shortly after the bride and groom had booked me to photograph their wedding, just to introduce herself, and offer up any assistance to me that she could.

From the groom’s grandmother making their wedding cake (as she has made all the family’s wedding cakes), the groom’s sister and one of the bride’s friend’s doing hair and make up, and an aunt officiating the ceremony, the china at the head table being a family heirloom, so many of their amazing details of their wedding were made extra special by friends and family being a part.

You couldn’t help but be inspired watching how this day unfolded.  I hope you enjoy these images!




  • Uncle Hal and Aunt Donna - Wonderful photos that really capture the totally love-filled day that all of us who attended experienced. We will have warm, warm memories of this special day forever.
    Much love always,
    Uncle Hal and Aunt DonnaReplyCancel

I’m sure most everyone has seen the new trend for ladies (and guys too!) to do an adult cake smash for milestone birthdays.

My younger sister, Holly, just turned 21, and so we thought, why not do a cake smash session when we got together to celebrate her birthday this past weekend?!  So I offered to bake up a cake, made a tutu (this one is now in my prop stash if anyone would like to use it for their own session!!) and picked a location.  We caught a nice window where there was no rain, since it’s been so wet over the past few days here, and went down to a local park in Dalmeny.

It wasn’t too windy, but just breezy enough that we couldn’t keep the balloons in proper position most of the time, so sometimes it looked like she may be 12 (all women like people to think they are younger than they actually are, right?!)  but it was a fun and cute touch to the session.

She clearly enjoyed the cake, and at the very end, our little assistant (my sweet little 2 year old daughter) was more than happy to jump in and help taste test what was left of the cake, and hold the balloons… at least until she accidentally let them go from their holder.

Happy 21st Birthday Holly!! I hope this year is your best one yet!

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I have always been working hard on growing as a photographer, and discovering my personal style.  I thought today might be fun to share an image from the VERY FIRST wedding I shot on my own in 2011, and one for a wedding just a couple weekends ago.

Growth, time, and a desire to learn and grow really make a huge difference.  I am grateful for my mentors that have helped me along the way, and help me to continue pushing to get better and better.

Here’s the first image from 2011, while I was running my business under my maiden name, Candace Elias Photography.  In 2012, after I got married, I decided to change my business name to Sonmor Photography, so I didn’t create any confusion by using two different last names.


This next image is one I shot just a couple of weeks ago out in Spiritwood:


I, personally, am so happy with how I have been evolving as a photographer, and how much more comfortable I am in coaching my client’s into different poses.

I’m a little nervous putting something like this out there, but everyone starts somewhere, and my biggest growth, I think, has been to find my editing style, which is at a point where I am super happy with.

Little Solly (I love his nickname!!) was not a teeny newborn, weighing in over 10 lbs!  He was about 3 weeks old when we scheduled his session, as his family moved into their new house only days after he was born.  Talk about a busy time of your life!

He was an alert little guy through out his session, and it was so much fun to have his older siblings peeking into the room to check and see what we were up to.  His sister didn’t stray very far from his side, and was ready with snuggles and kisses for the new baby.  She loved peeking at the camera to see the different images we were getting, and I loved seeing how excited she was about the different photos we were taking.

We weren’t sure if the rest of the kids were going to want to participate in the session, so we just waited, and at the end of the session, everyone was happy to quickly jump on the bed and take a quick family photo in their jammies!  I love this family photo, it`s candidness really showcases all the different personalities that these kids are developing.

solly newborn

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You just brought your precious baby home, and you’re utterly in love with this new little person in your life, but you’re more exhausted than you have ever been.  You dreamed for ages of holding your little one in your arms, and you want to make sure that you commemorate their arrival with beautiful photographs.

It can be hard to get everything organized and everyone showered, dressed, and out the door to go into the studio for your session.

I want to help keep you and your family as comfortable as possible, while capturing that tiny newness of your littlest love.

With an in-home newborn photography session, I will come to your home, and work with you to create photographs showing your family relaxed and cozy in their own environment.  This is especially great for older siblings that may get bored sitting in a studio, and once they are finished with their part of the session, they can run off and play with their toys, or watch their favorite cartoon.  Even Mom and Dad can sit and relax, enjoy a cup of coffee.  You can have beautiful portraits of the nursery and baby curled up in their crib, or snuggling up in your arms in the rocking chair you use every night to help soothe them to sleep.

With me I will bring a few options for swaddles, wraps, headbands, and other cute little accessories that we can go over and choose a couple different options to snuggle baby into during the session.  Also, if you have any special little outfits you would like to use, we can go over those as well.

After your session, we will schedule a little viewing and ordering appointment, where we can look around and plan out (even measure) what type of prints and sizes would work best for your space, select a coffee table album you would like to order, any birth announcement cards, or add more to your digital collection.


Like to see more lifestyle newborn sessions?  Check out the newborn gallery

If you would like more information on booking your own newborn session, please contact me!

This mama-to-be did not mind at all getting a little (or a lot) wet for her recent maternity session, and I’m so glad that we didn’t reschedule, these images turned out so beautiful!

The soft light, and the raindrops streaking down in the images just give these images a little something extra.  We choose a location where she wouldn’t need to walk too much at all (her session was only a few days before baby was due to make his debut!) and we had fun chatting while the rain soaked us.

Hailey and I grew up in the same small town, and went to school together, but hadn’t really seen each other since I moved away in high school.  But, thanks to Facebook, we have been able to see each other’s life highlights and keep in touch.  At the end of the session, we ended up sitting and chatting away in the car catching up; which I always love talking to other parents and hearing funny stories about their kids.

Her excitement, but at the same time calm at welcoming their 4th child while in the process of moving into their new home is amazing.  Not many people could pack all that excitement into the same week, and still smile and glow the way she does!

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A (long) while ago, while there was still a bunch of snow on the ground, I called up my go-to model, my sister, to dress up and do a little fun creative session.  It was blowing snow and so so cold that day, we weren’t able to stay out too long, but the time we did spend got some fantastic shots.

The skirt she is wearing is actually a prop that I made to have available for any clients that may want to go for a more fashion type creative session.

I thought that it might be fun to share a before & after to show a little bit of my editing process.

For this image, I loved the way it came out SOOC (straight out of camera) but I just wanted to enhance it a little bit.  Darkening the skirt a bit for some more drama, a little extra pop for her make up, and tidying some of the extra snow spots on her face.

I always try to keep my editing fairly soft and natural.  (Which wasn’t always the case…. wow…. looking back at a few projects from photography school make me cringe!! But we all start somewhere, right?!)


If you would like to book your glam session with this fun and drama filled skirt, fill out the contact form today!

This couple decided to use their backyard for their engagement session, and it couldn’t have worked out better!  The landscaping they have put into their yard is beautiful, the tree was just perfect with it’s little pink blossoms!

Chatting with them and their family, it turns out the groom’s family is from the same small town as my husband’s family, and knows my in-laws!  It’s always a pleasant surprise to meet someone who knows your family, and it seems I am constantly meeting someone who knows them.

Their wedding is coming up quickly, at the end of June, and I am so excited to capture all the details they have planned out!


I have been thinking a lot recently about all things digital, and kind of how I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I love how easy and quick it is to keep in touch with family and friends, from calls and texts, to even just seeing quick updates on Facebook/Instagram.  But I also hate how so much of my interests quickly getting pushed down and forgotten in the unending clutter that gathers through hard drives and digital storage.

I am a person that if it’s out of sight, it quickly becomes out of mind.  I do not like trying to depend on my phone’s calendar app, I need the personal touch of physically writing out my agendas and to do’s, even my grocery list is more effective for me when written on a piece of paper.

I find the same thing with my books.  I have a e-reader account…. but don’t really use it.  I love holding a bound book and turning the pages.  I love being able to track my progress by watching the bookmark slowly get further and further through the book every time I mark where I am leaving off.  I read everyday, that’s how I unwind and relax. (I also have started quilting, but that’s a story for another day!)

When e-readers first came out, I was excited!  Something new, a way to help keep a little less stuff in the house, free up some extra space (because who wouldn’t love to find more space in their home?!) But as I bought some titles and read through them, I found I couldn’t remember most of what I had been reading on it, or I often forgot which books I had already purchased and downloaded.

For me, it means so much more to me to actually have a tangible book in my hands to read.

Which directly translates to my view on photography.  I have thousands upon thousands of digital files on my computer.  Do you think I can remember them all at the top of my head?  How often do you think that I sift through the folders on my computer and hard drives to find a certain collection of images to look at…. or even less likely, load them up on my computer when family and friends come over for them to see?

But you can bet that I stop and smile and enjoy those beautiful family portraits, and even the daily snapshots that I have printed and framed.  I stop and take in them every time i walk past them.  Family and friends come over and they stop and look at them, comment on them.  My one and a half year old daughter climbs up the back of the couch and points at them, pointing at each person and saying ‘mama’ and ‘daddy’, and gets so excited to see photos of herself.

These printed pieces of art are enjoyed constantly.  And if you want to jump a little deeper into our family life when you’re visiting, I keep our albums displayed on the dining room buffet.  I want to have these memories within reach.  I flip through the albums often…. marveling at how tiny our daughter was just last year, or how huge my stomach was at our maternity session…. or relive the fun of our wedding day (and wish I could still fit into that beautiful dress!)

I just wanted to share a little bit on how important I feel it is to have my home proudly displaying the most important artwork in my life…. my family.  I love my phone for daily snapshots, but even those get printed and bound into albums as well.  But for our family portraits, our family memories and moments are too important and special to me to allow them to be lost in a vast sea of digital files.  I need them up on my walls, in an album, ready and waiting to be tangibly touched and looked at a moment’s notice.

Newborn Model Call simplified


Such a sweet and fun couple! Elissa and I used to work together, and now she is totally rocking her own cleaning business, so it was so great to catch up throughout the session.

These two said they were awkward in front of the camera, but they proved themselves wrong! They got all cute and cuddly on a chilly afternoon, and we got some amazing shots to commemorate their engagement before their wedding this summer.

These two are so fun, we had to find a kind of offbeat different location as well as a beautiful serene location.  I had so much fun playing around with them at this location!

e&m engagement

Float wraps are a unique way to display your family’s precious memories!  Mounted on 3/4″ sturdy gatorboard, they stand slightly off the wall (and are very light weight and easy to hang! No heavy frame needing to have wall anchors installed!)

The print itself comes in satin finish, which reduces glare and adds UV protection, to help the print from fading over time.  The finish also helps to protect from scuffs and scratches.

These make a wonderful addition to any wall gallery you have started in your home, and give a fantastic visual break from all the frames!  They are available in sizes ranging from 11 x 14 to 20 x 24, if you would like any additional information or pricing, please contact me!

I am SO excited that a beautiful new sample album arrived!  In my excitement, I shared a quick peek at it on Facebook and Instagram a while go, but I really wanted to share it properly on the blog as well.  Albums really are my personal favorite for showcasing images, and how they can show a story.

Having albums within reach, so when guests come over (or even when you are sitting and having a cup of tea during a quiet evening) they can easily be taken out and enjoyed is something wonderful.  You are able to have many albums all lined up, easily able to thumb through years of memories and moments.

These albums are high quality premium albums, lovingly crafted to be treasured by your family for years to come.  Rigid photographic pages ensure that they can resist being bent or torn easily, and lay flat open, so you never need to push down the spine of the book.

album product shot

What a beautiful February day we had for this family’s session!  We were all happy to have a milder temperature so no one was shivering without their coats.

This little guy was such a firecracker, complete with making dinosaur sounds!  I think he definitely will have a blast teaching the new baby all the things big brother’s teach!

I am looking so forward to this new little one making a debut in a few weeks!

This early December wedding was on such a mild day, was beautifully thought out, and the love that poured out from every single person that attended and was involved was stunning.

It was impossible not to see the love this couple has for each other, and for their family.  They were so incredibly fun and go with the flow.

The wedding was mostly planned by the bride’s sister, which she pulled together in only 2 weeks! She did such an amazing job of putting together such great details!

The wedding day itself was a bit rainy, but that didn’t stop this couple from enjoying every moment of their beautiful day!  The bride was so gorgeous in her dress, which was really only a small part of why she looked so good that day…. She was positively glowing the entire day! But what bride wouldn’t, with the way her groom looked at her?!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the girls in their suite as they got primped and ready for the ceremony, and then we all were off to the Army & Navy building for the ceremony.  The ceremony was beautiful, and I loved how they included the kids with the sand ceremony.

After the ceremony, we had family portraits at the hall, and then cruised down to the university for formal portraits with bridal party. And, was that bridal party fun!  Wise cracks constantly from the groomsmen!  This was some of the most fun I have ever had with a bridal party! They know how to kick back and have a good time!

Congrats again C & J, I wish you and your family all the best!

I love catching up with past clients! I shot this family’s beautiful wedding last September, and in the year since, they have added a new member! Welcome Miss L, she was so calm and sweet!

Her big brother was pretty shy throughout the session, and stuck close to his Mom and Dad, and his Ironman toy, but he did great, and his Dad managed to get a few smiles of him!

This fall gave us some beautiful weather, and I couldn’t have loved it anymore!  So lucky to have been able to work with so many great families this year, and this family is no exception!  They were so great to hang out with for a while and create some fantastic new family portraits.

They brought along 2 of the most regal looking dogs as well, and they were so well behaved the whole time! It was such a pleasure to have them there for the family portraits as well, and clearly Miss H loves her dogs!

A couple of my favorite things: an adorable family, and gorgeous fall day! There were lots of smiles and love in this family.  This little guy has such a big personality, and his sister isn’t far behind!

I met Brittney at a Mom & Baby group, and have become friends while letting our kids play, and hearing about different topics that concern new parents.

How perfectly coordinated is their clothing for family photos?!?! I love the complimentary colors and styles they chose, there definitely was some thought put into their outfits!

I had the pleasure of meeting this family a short while ago, the boys were such good sports despite it being quite a chilly day!  Thankfully the rain stayed away long enough for us to get outside and get some great images for them!

We had so much fun incorporating his semi truck into their session, something fun and unique to their family.  Great outfit choices for fall too! (A little bit of a Halloween theme, with the boys wearing skeletons on their sweaters!

I love love love this family! I have been able to photograph them on a few occasions now, and it is always a blast!

This time, they were celebrating their gorgeous little girl’s first birthday!! All the details were so well thought out for the party and the family photos, from the homemade cake and cupcakes (delicious black bean brownie cake!!) to outfits, decor and balloons, games in the backyard for adults, and a bouncy house for the kids.

The hospitality this family (and all their extended family) shows is second to none, they really make you feel like one of the family!

Happy First Birthday Miss K! It was a wonderful weekend! (And next time we will remember the bug spray!)

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